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Have you purchased a Chromebook? The interface must be really new for you. It takes a lot of time for us to adjust our eyes and hands to a system that is so different from the traditional MacOS or Windows that we have always used. Chromebook is one of the many novel and practical innovations that have transformed the very face of digital technology. Chromebook is all about the ‘user’. You can feel at home with it as you get acquainted with its interface. 

To think of it, Chromebook uses a black cursor instead of the usual white ones that macOS and Windows use. 90% of the displays on the screen (including websites) are light coloured. The innovation is made taking into consideration the demand for better visibility of the cursor. A black cursor has high contrast, which makes it easier for the user to track it on the screen. Some have also claimed the movement and clicking speed of a Chromebook cursor is faster than others. We aren’t quite sure of it yet. You can check it for yourself for cps at Kohi Click Test

Getting back, Chromebook OS allows you to modify and alter the cursor settings to make it feel more personalised. Starting from the very basic, Chromebook OS tries to make the system ‘right out-of-box’ usable. For that, it brings lots of accessibility settings. Google makes sure that its laptops fulfil the demands of a wide range of people (workers and learners alike). 

Accessibility Options

Visit the ‘Settings’ app and hit the ‘Manage accessibility features’ option. Once you are there your screen would display toggles like Text-to-Speech, the keyboard and mouse, the display and more. 

Cursor Size

If you wish to increase the size of your cursor, this is where you can do it. Click on the option of ‘Show large mouse cursor’ and adjust the slider to witness the changes in real-time. You can as well ask it to click automatically as your mouse stops after moving. But again, too much comfort can also be dangerous. You better do the clicking part yourself. Of course, you would not like to enter an undesirable website, would you? 

Cursor Colour

If you aren’t comfortable with the black cursor, you can still colour it your own way. You will get the ‘cursor color’ option as you enable the experimental accessibility cursor colour settings. Apart from the fact that you get to change the cursor colour as per the page’s colour that you are visiting, there’s no harm in adding a little personal flair to it. You need to be aware though. These cursor colours are experimental and can give you a lagging feeling sometimes. You can still try it for fun. 

To add to it, you also get an option to highlight the cursor. The option lies just below ‘cursor color’ option. It is pretty amazing. A highlight is made around your cursor that fades after a few seconds of inactivity. 

Final Words

These are a few ways in which you can personalise your cursor in a Chromebook. There are also a few extensions that allow you to customize it even more. Keep experimenting and exploring newer ways to make your Chromebook special.

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